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Niall Horan’s Heartbreak Weather Drops on March 13th

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The One Direction days may be gone for good, but diehard fans can rest easy knowing that Niall Horan’s second solo album is dropping on March 13th!

On January 16th of this year, the Irish singer tweeted that his album, Heartbreak Weather, is “officially complete,” and followed up the next day with a heartfelt post:

“Just had a little tear roll down my face, So happy with this album. I / we put everything into it and listening to it back in full, is an amazing feeling.”

Since splitting from One Direction in 2015, Horan has pursued many solo ventures. He founded Modest Golf, a golf management company, in 2016, and signed with Capitol records the same year. “This Town” was Horan’s debut single as a solo artist, and peaked at position 9 on the UK Singles Chart.Since then, Horan has been busy. 2017 saw the release of Flicker, his debut studio album that topped charts in the US, Ireland, and the Netherlands. After performing with country star Marren Morris at the CMA awards, Horan embarked on the Flicker World Tour, which took him across five continents, 81 stages, and seven months.

While many fans were expecting a continuation of the easy, catchy pop that carried One Direction to fame, most were pleasantly surprised to see that Horan had grown and carved a style of his own. Of his performance in Auckland, New Zealand, Stacy Mullen wrote that “Horan went in his own direction and put on a show at the SEC’s Clyde Armadillo on Sunday night which proved he is a true artist whose early catalogue shows promise of longevity.” 

In another cleave from his boy band background, Horan holds that Flicker draws influence from some of the old folk greats, like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. “Whenever I would pick up a guitar,” said Horan, “I would always naturally play chords like that, and fingerpick a lot and play that folky kind of style.”

We can expect Heartbreak Weather to follow suit. After the release of three smash hit singles, “Nice To Meet Ya,” “Put a Little Love on Me,” and “No Judgment,” fans can hardly wait for the full album.

According to Horan himself, Heartbreak Weather is forecast to come in hot on March 13th, with a 100% chance of 14 tracks, and a Nice To Meet Ya Tour brewing later this year.


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