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Spice Girls Greatest Moments

Scary. Baby. Sporty. Posh. Ginger: five spices we simply could not live without since their formation in 1994

Spice Girls Greatest Moments

 They gave us platform shoes, high ponytails, and little Gucci dresses, but most of all they gave us classic songs that will forever get us on the dancefloor. People of the World! Get ready to Spice Up Ya Life as we look at the Spice Girls’ greatest moments:



On June 7th, 1996 the world met Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton, Victoria Addams, and Emma Bunton as the Spice Girls with their debut single ‘Wannabe’.  From this day forward Girl Power (peace sign)! would be a symbol for young girls in Britain, Ireland, and American households, along with the unexplainable phrase: zigazig-ah. 

Just who do you think you are?

By March of 1997 the girls released their 4th single to officially break UK chart history: the Spice Girls were the first group in history to have its first four singles reach #1.  “The race is on…” 

The big pinch

The Spice Girls met Prince Charles at the Prince’s Trust concert in 1997, where they huddled closely to him on the red carpet for photos.  Suddenly, the girls broke royal protocol as Mel B and Geri leaned in to kiss the prince on either cheek.  If that wasn’t enough, Geri went for the gold and pinched his highness’ bottom!  It is said that Harry had a Spice Girls poster hanging in his teenage bedroom…maybe Charles did too?

Spice Girls meet Nelson Mandela

Speaking of Prince Charles, the smooches and pinches led to a historical meetup between the Spice Girls and Nelson Mandela later on in 1997.  The event was organised by Nations Trust, a non-profit created by Mandela & the British monarchy.  Is it a coincidence that Charles invited the girls to perform at his charity gig?  We’ll never know.  Post-gig, as Nelson stood between the girls on the red carpet, the Nobel Peace prize winner was quoted to have said, “This is one of the greatest moments of my life.”  We’re sure that Charles would agree.

Spice World: The Movie

The girls grew tired of just being known for their number one chart singles, and so they put their talents to the film industry.  In December 1997 the Spice Girls released Spice World, the movie, they took to the red carpet wearing memorable white pantsuit outfits, complete with the iconic Spice Girl platform shoe.  With appearances by Stephen Fry and Elton John, the movie was a hit with audiences all over the world.  


“It’s like everything we do: complete chaos!” said Scary Spice when asked to describe the set of the Stop music video, filmed in Dublin and Wicklow.  In January of 1998 the Spice Girls flew across the Irish sea to Carnew Street in Dublin to shoot amidst the street’s terraced houses, giving the vibe of 1950s traditional working class Ireland.  Apparently locals were given £100 each for the “inconvenience” of having the street sealed off, but were also given the chance to be extras in the film.  Sounds like a good deal, if any!  Nowadays Carnew Street is a pilgrimage site for Spice Girls fans travelling to Ireland.   

Goodbye, my friend

May 31st 1998 was a day for heartache as Geri Halliwell announced her departure from the band.  “…I wish them all the best,” were her parting words.  Was in-fighting between herself and former best friend Mel B the cause?  It has never been confirmed.  Viva Forever was their first single post-Geri, the video of the girls as animated fairies being made before Geri departure.  The single was bittersweet, being met with sparkling reviews, but at the same time marking the end of an era.  

A Comeback in 2007

The girls made their first massive comeback in 2007 and announced a world tour.  Allegedly, London’s O2 Arena was sold out in 38 seconds!  The girls then took television audiences by surprise as they strutted out onto the runway of Victoria Secret’s 12th annual fashion show, clad in US military- style outfits.  It is safe to say that this comeback was a massive success.

2012 Olympians

And the gold medal goes to!  The girls got together once again for a once-off performance at the close of the 2012 London Olympic games.  Entering the stage from all directions in jazzed-out London taxi cabs, the girls broke out in an energised version of Wannabe, and finished with Spice Up Your Life.  People around the world wondered if this surprise performance could mean another reunion tour but we had to wait until 2019 to see the girls on stage again. 

Dublin, Friday 24th May 2019

In Croke Park, in front of 82k screaming fans, Scary, Baby, Sporty, and Ginger rose to stage level in swarovski crystal dresses to utter the famous words “When you’re feeling sad and low, we will take you, where you gotta go.”  It was the first show of their epic 2019 reunion tour.  This colourful show filled with tens of back up dancers, fireworks, confetti, and costume changes broke records with as many as 700k ticket buyers online at one single point.  Of course, the tour was lacking one Spice Girl, Posh Spice, as she had to focus her efforts on her upcoming fashion line.  The tour was a success, its theme of inclusivity being supported by empowering videos from the girls throughout the show portraying love for all demographics, beliefs, and abilities. 

We hope that you enjoyed taking a look back on some of the most memorable moments with the Spice Girls. Will the success of the 2019 tour be enough for Posh to join the girls on stage in the future? Or, will we possibly get a new Spice Girls single to rock the airwaves once more?  As can be read above, the five spices never cease to surprise us, so let’s hope that there are more thrills only just around the corner.  Here’s to their neverending Girl Power!


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