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Stockton’s Wing

Irish Artists

Celebrating a career spanning four decades and multiple global tours, Stockton’s Wing are an Irish folk music group who have continued to be a favourite among fans old and young.

The group was founded in 1977 by four All-Ireland musical champions from Ennis–Paul Roche on the flute/whistle, Maurice Lennon on the fiddle, Tommy Hayes on the bodhran, and Kieran Hanrahan on the banjo/mandolin, along with Tony Callinan on guitar and vocals. Over the decades, Stockton’s Wing has invited a cast of heavyweight collaborators, like Christy Moore, as well as more than a dozen musicians who have worked to create an impressive collection of work.

The group’s name pulls from a Bruce Springsteen tune, “Backstreet,” which may have foretold their unique proclivity for genre-bending. Their sound incorporates traditional Irish folk, melancholic ballads, upbeat jigs, and modern pop, bridging cultures and generations. 

Early in the band’s career, they departed from their Trad roots with their sights set on additional horizons. Initially, they drew the support and fanship of the Trad purists, and quickly gained the following of new generations of music-lovers who wanted to listen to novel sounds and reactive lyrics. Starting on stages in Letterkenny, Dingle, and Dublin, Stockton’s Wing evolved and grew together as they traveled the country, rousing audiences as they honed their individual flavours.

Since then, they’ve produced over a dozen studio releases, embarked on tours, and played at festivals and concerts around the globe. Even after periods of hiatus, in which some members pursued careers in culinary arts and radio hosting, they can still come together for gigs, benefits, and appearances to delight their fans once more with their musical prowess.

Most recently, in January of this year, Tara Music has released A Beautiful Affair: A Stockton’s Wing Retrospective, a 41-track anthology of the group’s greatest hits. The completely remastered retrospective documents the history of an incredibly talented ensemble of musicians who have shaped a piece of Irish culture in innumerable ways. The collection includes:

  • 41 newly remastered Jigs, Reels, and Hits on 2CDs
  • 14 tracks that have been previously unavailable on CD or digitally
  • 4 unreleased tracks on the 2CD and digital versions
  • Duets with The Dubliners and Christy Moore
  • Two brand new live recordings


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