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The Greatest Disney Soundtracks of All Time

Every time we listen to a Disney track, we get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. The nostalgia of our youth is triggered and the lyrics seem to return to us from nowhere, having been deeply embedded in our memories.

Music plays a pivotal role in every Walt Disney classic, cementing our love for the characters and also setting the scene for some of the best action sequences.  In fact, without the music- well, would it really be Disney? Whether you want to sing a song to The Lion King or pretend that you are Belle from Beauty and the Beast, there is truly something for everyone in these enduring Disney soundtracks:

The Greatest Disney Soundtracks of All Time

Frozen 1 & 2

Many parents will have been forced to watch this one over and over again, however it seems to be a guilty pleasure for all ages.  Elsa and Anna demonstrate how the innate bond between sisters can overcome all obstacles. ‘Let It Go’ might be overplayed at this stage, but its message encourages us all to take a leap of faith and try the things we never thought we could.  ‘Into the Unknown’ echoes the anxiousness that we all feel when trying something new, but in ‘All is Found’, we find comfort in the thought of home and the friends & family that ‘home’ is.

Beauty & The Beast

Belle’s love for a beast taught children how to love beyond appearance, and to have patience with our friends & family when they are disagreeable.  In this magical world where a tea cup has a voice and a clock a moustache, these animated objects whispered to each other about love in ‘Something There’ and of course invited us to ‘Be Our Guest’. It is no surprise that this major Disney hit won the Oscar for best original song in 1992. Charming Lumière is sure to light up any living room. This soundtrack truly is a tale as old as time. 

The Little Mermaid

This Disney classic is a golden oldie for any of us who grew up idolising Ariel, one of the most beloved Disney princesses of all time.  To think that this princess was without a voice for half of the movie, and yet we still got some of the best songs of any Disney soundtrack!  We too wanted to be Part of Your World as we looked along with Princess Ariel over at Eric walking along the shore, wanting to give up our fins to do the same as he.  But who knew that the baritone who would flatter us throughout the movie would be in the form of a crab. Sebastian wooed us through ‘Kiss the Girl’ and got us up and dancing along with the clams and seahorses in ‘Under the Sea’.


Action-packed and filled with romance, this high-energy adventure brings us a soundtrack that is as sensational as the characters singing it.  We get excited each time we hear the drums leading into the promenade of poor Abu turned into a fumbling elephant with Prince Ali clumsily riding on top, and the versatile voice of Robin Williams singing along to the outrageous spectacle.  The live remake released in 2019 reignited our love for this classic, with Will Smith having some very big shoes to fill and yet putting his own unique flare on the character of Genie. Whether you are listening to the 1992 or 2019 version, this soundtrack really captured the Disney essence of taking listeners away to ‘A Whole New World’.   

Star Wars

John Williams has the matchless ability to capture every kind of emotion through his music, and nowhere else is this more prevalent than in the Star Wars movies.  Yoda’s or Princess Leia’s Theme and the Imperial March are just a handful of the epic instrumentals that Williams uses to set the scenery of the Star Wars world. The Last Jedi and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker are arguably the best soundtracks in the series, showing that a near 50-year span since the original writing of the soundtrack renders the music nothing other than timeless.

The Lion King

Ah yes, the forever cherished Lion King.  ‘The Circle of Life’ might just be one of the best known movie songs of all time, Disney or not.  Every single song is a knockout, as we proudly strut around jamming to I Just Can’t Wait To Be King or bask in the spirit of ‘Hakuna Matata’.  Sir Elton John was co-writer on most of the movie’s bigger hits, most memorably asking child and adult alike, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’. 


A strong female lead is one of Disney animations’ go to secrets when it comes to creating a must-watch movie and Mulan ticks all of the boxes here.

All Disney fans have their favourite soundtracks, songs, and characters. From the evil villains to the likeable heroes, we are taken on a journey with every movie that we watch.  There are so many songs to choose from in the world of Walt Disney, that it is truly just impossible to narrow down the top best Disney soundtracks. Disney’s Mulan movie will be releasing in July this summer! 



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