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Troye Sivan – A Look Back


At just 24 years old, this Australian-based artist is quickly becoming one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

His debut album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ reached number one in ten countries, including the United States. His second album Bloom and lead single ‘My My My!’ only further highlighted Troye’s unique and unquestionable talent. 

Troye has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including the likes of Ariana Grande, Lauv, and Martin Garrix to name but a few. ‘Take Yourself Home’, the new single from Troye’s upcoming album, was released on April 1st 2020.  With the rest of the album soon to follow, Troye’s 13 million YouTube subscribers have plenty to be talking about.

Here is a look back of some of his biggest hits to date.

I’m So Tired (feat. Lauv)

Both Lauv and Sivan’s first time in the UK Top Ten.  This catchy and upbeat track hit all of the right notes, leaving us with one of the best songs of 2019.  Lauv and Sivan have both admitted that they felt so natural singing this song together, and we can’t help but agre

My My My!

This song is so good that the music video starts with a warning! This unreal anthem will make you feel liberated and has the power to instantly improve your day.  The beat makes you want to jump around, and the lyrics really say it all.


It’s hard not to like this song.  Bloom is the best kind of love song: happy, warm and, most of all, fun. Don’t hold back with this one- if you’re looking for the perfect words for that special someone, well you’ve found them.  Go ahead and sing out loud to this track- we won’t judge!


We have all been there.  This tune embodies being young, so press play and transport yourself back to the fun house part that you were at last Friday night.  Surely one of Sivan’s best songs, so if you are looking for a boost or you’re heading out to party, we highly recommend cranking up this tune and unleashing the good times


As the title suggests, this song will drive you wild.  The perfect song for any journey, whether you’re on the way to work or simply going for a drive.  Blast this in your car, let your hair down, and trust that this up beat riff will take your mind to a happy place.

Take Yourself Home

Debuted on the 1st April 2020.  If this single is anything to go by, Troye Sivan’s upcoming album is guaranteed to exceed those already high expectations.  It’s late in the evening and you want to relax, and this tune is what you are looking for. Not only does it incorporate a trance-like melody, but it also manages to bring out those feel good party vibes that Sivan’s music is known for. Once again, he has really nailed it with this awesome track.

Troye Sivan’s unique and trendsetting music sets the bar high for his fellow peer musicians. Mixing pop, electronic sounds and a dance beat is sure to strike the right note with his listeners. The sky really is the limit for this young artist.


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