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Workout From Home with the 80’s!

Are you staying active while working remotely? It is important to take regular breaks and stay physically active even when you are spending so much time indoors

Workout From Home with the 80’s!

We know that music can help you when you exercise and the type of music you choose can give you that extra bit of motivation to stick with your workout. The 80’s is already highly regarded as one of the best decades for high tempo music with the introduction of the dance music scene. With a good beat 80’s pop icons can help to boost your workout performance. 

If you are busy planning your workout routines here are 10 upbeat classic workout songs to add to your workout from home playlist. 

Olivia Newton John – Let’s Get Physical

This would become Olivia Newton John’s biggest hit. Chart topping hit sold over two million copies in the US. A dance track with a seductive video makes this a fun workout tune. Colourful leotards and sweatbands are back in fashion so this classic hit is the perfect addition to your workout collection.

Madonna – Material Girl

This upbeat 80’s pop song gave Madonna her first nickname ‘Material Girl’. Using Maryln Monroe as her muse we see Madonna adopt a glamorous lifestyle in this music video. Although the lyrics indicate a focus on materialism, the futuristic sound in the chorus shows off her artistic vision. In this classic hit we see a provocative side to Madonna that is rarely seen again. However Madonna is the queen of transformation and we would go on to see many other sides to her personality.

Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For a Hero

This epic 80’s tune is surely on most of your gym playlists by now. The fast tempo, drums and gritty voice of Bonnie Tyler is sure to get you moving. There is an urgency in these lyrics that will go perfectly with any home workout routine. It makes sense that it was recorded for the movie Footloose where Kevin Bacon shows off his dancing skills. Holding Out For a Hero is one song that is guaranteed to get you moving.

Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out

Renowned as Diana’s gay anthem, this chart topping song is just what you need for your early morning workout. When the song was written in 1979 Diana was already an icon in the gay community. This was a tribute to her fans and became a worldwide success. It isn’t any surprise that it is used as an anthem in the LGBTQ community Positive inspirational, with a feel good factor, this song will make you wave your hands in the air.

Bananarama – Venus

Any video featuring cheesy dance moves that are easy to copy makes us smile. The Venus song isn’t just for shaving, it is a catchy tune featuring moves that are easily replicated. This british girl group knows how to get us in the mood for dancing. The songs disco beat and steady tempo make it easy to adapt to any cardio session

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax

This was one of the biggest selling singles ever in Britain. They weren’t afraid of controversy, wearing fetish clothing and PVC on stage. The electronic sound, experimental production and rude lyrics made this song really stand out from the crowd.

Queen – Bicycle

Inspired by the Tour de France Freddie Mercury put pen to paper to write this instant hit.Yes, everything Freddie touched turned to gold due to his wild imagination and complex use of instruments. This song features a solo of bicycle bells that fans later adopted as their symbol of the song and played at Queen concerts. A song featuring nude women riding bikes and one of Brian Mays brilliant guitar solos certainly belongs in our workout playlist.

The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

There is no stopping you once you turn on this classic 80’s pop tune. With a sing-along chorus we are ready to tackle any workout challenge. It features an exciting combination of pop, disco and electronic dance. Often quoted as one of greatest songs of the 80’s, this soulful sounding hit will help you to tackle any living room workout and keep you pumped up as you carry out your daily exercises.

Pat Benatar – Love is a Battlefield

It is the rebellious teenager in the video for this song that we want to relate to for our workouts at home. The story being told through dance and music is what every artist of today strives to do. The dance scene in the club will get your muscles moving. Benatar won a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance with this dynamic arrangement. The electronic beat will get your heart rate up.

Eurythmics – Sisters Are Doin’ it For Themselves

A powerful ballad with an all star female cast of Annie Lennox, Aretha Franklin and a full Gospel Choir is sure to get the heart rate up for your workout. This feminist anthem is all that we need 

The British pop duo of the Eurythmics made this song come to life. There is a natural grit in Lennox’s voice, combined with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, it was destined to be a hit and strike the right chord with gym bunnies around the world. Don’t forget to include this one in your 80’s workout playlist.

Designed to perk you up and give you an extra lease of life, these workout songs are both uplifting and motivating. Think about the type of exercise you are planning to do, now design your workout playlist around each activity. Let’s get physical!


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