Aimée – The Road to 2020

Dublin-based rising pop-star Aimée recently released her latest single ‘Naked’ from her debut EP ‘Confessions’.

A celebration of the human body, the song, and music video champion diversity in body types, identities, and the pride that goes with feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.

With a social climate where people are bombarded with conflicting messages of what women should look like, sound like and act like; Aimée’s tracks offer the relief that can only be compared to that of your best friend. A mate to help you when you’re down, and most importantly to help you get back up. Aimée’s songs are intertwined with powerful messages and soft advice that will set her up as the role model this generation is crying out for.

A musical style that throws back to the halcyon days of the pop icons of the 90s and early 00s, the strong powerful anthems that boasted women power, and the big ballads that provided the soundtrack of your teens, then Aimée offers this in spades, but with a fresh take, that feels and reflects the reality of the world in the 2020s.

Tracks like ‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’, ‘Break Me’, and ‘What My Mamma Gave Me’ are exactly the kind of tracks many of us yearned for in our youth, but take much inspiration from more modern directions.

Her music has been compared as well to more modern pop-icons. The likes of Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato. Much like these titans of music, Aimée’s music is a true reflection of the important messages she’s hoping to spread to the world. An upbeat slant on pop culture, which adds a gritty substance. This isn’t just bubble-gum pop.

Born to the ’90s, her sound has been heavily influenced by many pop icons of the time, but none more so than Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. A dancer by nature, and profession; the full-out choreography of her videos and upbeat nature brings the best of what made the 90’s great pop icons, with a decidedly modern twist.

Aimée’s success in music hasn’t come overnight, but her recent rise has been fast. She began her journey into music eight years ago and has used that time to hone her music, her writing, and her dancing based on personal experiences.

2019 saw Aimée take over the Electric Arena at Electric Picnic, the New Year’s Eve Ball in Dublin, the 2fm Xmas Ball in the 3Arena, and, of course, her sold-out headline show in the Grand Social.

As fast-paced as 2019 seemed, 2020 got off to an incredible start for Aimée, and she’s been using the unexpected time at home to write more and more songs, getting ready for the next big step in a career of an artist, whose star is already set in the ascent.

Aimée will be playing around the country in February 2021. With dates in; Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Belfast, and Galway.

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