Although this tune tempts us to dance along, the message of the song is deeper, giving special meaning to the relationship between her and her late Mother. It is a powerful anthem dedicated to every mother out there. Lyrics from the song include “When I was hangin with the other kids you kept me straight. Lookin back now I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Aimée has a way with words, each lyric pulls on our heartstrings. 

The video for the song is a creative dance interpretation of the lyrics with a focus on the stage and the confidence that a mother can offer her child. The story told through the video highlights the encouragement, work ethic and nourishment we receive from a mother’s love. With lines like “Told me to run no matter the distance” and “Told me to jump no matter the limit” we get a full sense of the important role that Aimée’s Mom played in her life. 

Aimée recently launched her EP Confession featuring ‘I’m Ok’ and ‘Break Me’ that will serve to mark the beginning of her journey to stardom. 

‘I’m Ok’ is another beautiful tribute to her Mother and through the video montage we get to see some of her most cherished memories. It’s Aimée’s honesty and vulnerability that makes it so easy for us to relate to her. 

Her single ‘Break Me’ is an example of the female empowerment that we are familiar with in artists like Jessie J and Demi Lovato. This is the perfect pop track with the right balance of attitude and chemistry. Aimée’s range shines through in this  pop ballad.

With lyrics like “I’m a little damaged but it’s alright” we know that Aimée is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry of the future. 

She is quickly becoming one to watch and we are hearing more of her hits across the radio waves. With over 700,000 views on YouTube Aimée is quickly climbing the charts and making a name for herself on the Irish and International music scene. 

Combining pop, hip hop and emotions, this singer is using her creative talent to push the boundaries and we can’t wait to see what the future brings. 

Aimée will be performing in Whelan’s bar this October. Join us for this great debut show.