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A Tribute to Rory Gallagher

Brian May attributes his sound to him. Johnny Marr credits him as the reason he first picked up a guitar. The Edge deems him “a beautiful man and an amazing guitar player.”

A Tribute to Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher would have been 70-years-old this March. In honour of the man who helped ignite a musical revolution that reverberated across the globe, Universal Music has announced that his entire solo catalogue will be reissued on remastered CD and 180-gram vinyl LP.  This is the first time his whole body of solo work has been made available globally on one record label.

Set to be released on the 16th of March, the Rory Gallagher collection will encompass an incredible body of work from one of the most renowned and celebrated musicians of the modern era. These reissues will mark the first wave of Rory Gallagher releases since Universal Music Group obtained the rights to his catalogue in 2017, the first of many future projects. UMC is excited to begin working closely with the Rory Gallagher estate to produce new physical and streaming projects, eager to bring the world more of Rory’s iconic sound that is so dearly missed.

With impressive careers as both the guitarist for the 60s band Taste and a solo virtuoso, Rory Gallagher is renowned by musicians and music-lovers alike as one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time. The self-taught guitar prodigy’s sound came right at the time when cultural tides were shifting, helping power a wave of musical experimentation from his native Western Ireland all the way across the world. Inspiring musicians like Brian May of Queen, Ed Sheeran, and Johnny Marr of The Smiths, music just wouldn’t be the same without Rory.

The month of March also kicks off what promises to be a busy year of Rory tributes. On March 2nd, the Cork Institute of Technology unveiled a plaque dedicated to Rory, who once performed an acoustic gig for the students in what is now known as the Rory Gallagher Theatre. Fender–whose strat was Rory’s guitar of choice and possibly the first one in all of Ireland–are naming their boardroom at their European headquarters after him as well.

This is as complete a reissue package as there has ever been for Rory Gallagher. EVerything will be available on CD and 180-gram LP except where indicated. You’ll get Against The Grain, BBC Sessions (2CD only), Blueprint; Calling Card, Defender, Deuce, Fresh Evidence, Irish Tour ’74 (1CD/ 2LP), Jinx, Live In Europe, Notes From San Francisco (2CD / 1LP), Photo Finish, Rory Gallagher, Stage Struck, Tattoo, Top Priority, Wheels Within Wheels (vinyl coming soon).

Donal Gallagher, Rory’s brother and director of the Rory Gallagher estate, says, “My only sibling wasn’t one for birthdays, but his birthdate gives us a good reason to celebrate Rory’s music and legacy.”


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