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FIZZ Release Their Debut Album ‘The Secret To Life’

FIZZ have released their debut album ‘The Secret To Life’, out today. A collection of 12 tracks that exist somewhere in the space between reality and make believe that came to life at Middle Farm Studios last summer.

The mysterious new band known as FIZZ reveal themselves as a collective of beloved musicians and friends: Dodie, Orla Gartland, Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown. Born out of love and blind optimism, FIZZ came together in a whirlwind of pure joy and escapism, inverting everything each artist knew about making music to produce an album with fun and a love of the craft at its core.

Welcome to FIZZ’s quest to discover the secret to life: infinite, dreamlike, colourful and unpredictable. Maybe the answers were within them all along.

Watch ‘ The Secret To Life‘ (Live t Middle Farm Studios)


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