Following his recently released debut EP ‘Out Of Mind’, and breakout hit ‘Better Man’, Ashby-hailing Sekou returns with his brand new single, Time Will Tell’. A soulful and brooding track, Time Will Tell delves into the complexities of young love, uncertainty, and self-identity in a romantic relationship.  Sekou creates songs that people can relate to. He is never one to shy away from discussing love and heartbreak from his personal perspective.

The honest track details the insecurities of love, with Sekou musing over the somber melody: “You said I could be the one, knew it was me from the jump. You sound so sure of yourself, but only time will tell.” The singer then follows up with a relatable question: “What if I don’t meet your expectations? Will you still feel the way you feel?”.

Of the track, Sekou said: “When I was writing ‘Time Will Tell,’ I was going through a lot, so I really wanted to write something that reflected how I was feeling at that moment, and be honest with myself. When songwriting, I just feel like I completely go into my own space and feel very free. I wanted to write a song about somebody that I really cared for, but I didn’t quite know how to express myself to them.”

Time Will Tell‘ – OUT NOW!!